Golf Course

18 Hole Stadium Golf Course Features Driving Range, Clubhouse, Food, and Beverage Service

Course Overview

Situated mere minutes from exit 25 of the New York State Thruway, Stadium Golf Club is conveniently located in the heart of New York’s Capital District. Our impeccably maintained Par 71 course is challenging to the seasoned golfer yet not abusive to the beginner. Our generously sized, undulating greens provide for interesting and challenging pin placements and our excellent drainage guarantees a firm playing surface regardless of what Mother Nature may dish out. We open early in the spring and stay open late in the fall, which extends the playing season for our guests. We welcome golf outings of all sizes and our food and beverage service is second to none. If you are looking for a friendly, service oriented, fun golf course, look no further.

Stadium Golf Club Course Map

Course Details

If you haven’t played here before – or if you have and want some advice about the individual holes, take a moment to read the description below.

Hole 1Blue 399 yds
Par 4White 385 yds
Handicap 3Red 372 yds
Yellow 330 yds
stadium golf course hole 1

As you leave the clubhouse you’ll have a clear drive up a slight grade on this par 4. The top of the hill is just past the end of the driving range so be careful if you tend to hit a slice! You’ll also want aim for the left hand side of the fairway for your best approach to the new green. The green was rebuilt in 2001 as the hill on the right was cut back and the green was expanded in size. Some days the superintendent really challenges the field by placing the pin on the far right.

Hole 2Blue 424 yds
Par 4White 398 yds
Handicap 1Red 350 yds
Yellow 266 yds
stadium golf course hole 2

Second tee provides a look back at the old baseball stadium and driving range. Watch that slice as you’ve got a series of old pines protecting the side of the driving range. Second shot sets up nicely from the center of the fairway but watch for the old white pine just shy of the green on the left.

Hole 3Blue 360 yds
Par 4White 331 yds
Handicap 17Red 292 yds
Yellow 229 yds
stadium golf course hole 3

This is a great hole with a big bowl green! If you can drive like John Daly consider blasting over the series of pines to the left of the fairway and try to drive the green! (You may want to look for the pin placement when walking down the 2nd fairway).

Hole 4Blue 295 yds
Par 4White 285 yds
Handicap 11Red 274 yds
Yellow 222 yds
stadium golf course hole 4

The new tee box on #4 offers a new look at this hole. Hitters with the long drive may even try to drive this green! Offering one of the toughest greens on the course be careful when chipping on as you’ll want to be sure you’re below the hole (or in)!

Hole 5Blue 162 yds
Par 3White 141 yds
Handicap 15Red 117 yds
Yellow 80 yds
stadium golf course hole 5

This elevated tee has the golfer look down (literally) this hole to the green. A short par three with a green that is deceiving. Watch the fence on the left or you’ll be O.B!

Hole 6Blue 391 yds
Par 4White 352 yds
Handicap 5Red 304 yds
Yellow 232 yds
stadium golf course hole 6

A narrow par 4 lined with woods on both sides! A long drive with a slight fade to the left will line you up perfectly for a chip onto this green for the bird!

Hole 7Blue 309 yds
Par 4White 295 yds
Handicap 9Red 269 yds
Yellow 228 yds
stadium golf course hole 7

Another narrow par 4 has a slight downhill angle. Stay to the left to set yourself up for the pin when it’s placed on the far right of the green! Also, by staying left, you can maximize the roll as it lands on the backside of a light hill.

Hole 8Blue 163 yds
Par 3White 150 yds
Handicap 13Red 141 yds
Yellow 100 yds
stadium golf course hole 8

This par three has a bit of a bowl green on the left side which will catch your drive. Be careful chipping onto the green as the back of the green is sloped and has claimed many a long ball.

Hole 9Blue 522 yds
Par 5White 512 yds
Handicap 7Red 494 yds
Yellow 374 yds
stadium golf course hole 9

The first par 5 on the front nine heads you back into the clubhouse to make the turn. Keep your drive to the left of the fairway to save some yards going around the corner. As you approach the green, be sure you’re hitting for #9 on the right as both the 9th and 18th greens are side by side at the base of the old stadium! As you prepare to “make the turn”, don’t forget you can stop in the clubhouse and get some refreshments “to go” for the back nine — ask the bartender if you can borrow a handy cooler bag too! (tell him you saw that on the web!) Burgers and hot dogs are often available during weekends from the grill located near the starter shed. If they’re not grilling during your visit, hot dogs (with or without meat sauce) are available at the bar.

Hole Front NineBlue 3025 yds
Par 35White 2849 yds
Handicap Red 2613 yds
Yellow 2061 yds
Hole 10Blue 388 yds
Par 4White 373 yds
Handicap 6Red 358 yds
Yellow 315 yds
stadium golf course hole 10

Tenth tee, located between the two practice greens is to the left of #1. Top of the hill is protected with bunkers on both sides. Staying a little to left of center will give you an easier look at the green. Key is staying straight off the tee as the tall pines will come into play if you’re in the rough on either side.

Hole 11Blue 373 yds
Par 4White 359 yds
Handicap 4Red 313 yds
Yellow 263 yds
stadium golf course hole 11

The right side of the eleventh hole is “out of bounds” so if you hit a slice, be careful to keep this one straight. The stately elm that used to protect the left side of the fairway at the top of the hill is now gone, so being left is less of an issue this year. A nice 150 yard second ball will put you into position for your birdie putt.

Hole 12Blue 200 yds
Par 3White 180 yds
Handicap 12Red 160 yds
Yellow 114 yds
stadium golf course hole 12

Crossing the parking lot, you’ll pass by the new maintenance facility on the right. The next hole is an uphill par three. Take careful notice of whether the pin is on the upper or lower part of the green and choose your club appropriately. The large elm on the left side in front of the green can make for a challenging obstacle if you’re short to the left. On the right you have the new pond w/ fountain; this should not come into play as long as you get off the tee.

Hole 13Blue 364 yds
Par 4White 341 yds
Handicap 10Red 289 yds
Yellow 218 yds
stadium golf course hole 13

This next hole is rather narrow off the tee, especially when you’re hitting from the blues! Fairway is lined with tall pines on both sides. As you’re walking down the fairway, look to your left to see if the hawks have chosen one of those pines as their summer home at Stadium! The approach to the green plays a little short as the hole is slightly downhill — take care to check the “elevation” and select your club wisely! Going over the green is trouble as the back of the green is sloped downward toward a wooded area.

Hole 14Blue 408 yds
Par 4White 391 yds
Handicap 2Red 366 yds
Yellow 285 yds
stadium golf course hole 14

This long par four is the #2 handicap hole on the course. A favorite hole for the “long drive” contests, the right side has a landing area, even for those that tend to slice. However, staying in the center, or slightly to the left will usually get you into position for your approach to this sloped oversized green. A challenging green that was definitely a factor in making this the #2 handicap. Try to position yourself just below the hole to give you a chance to save par!

Hole 15Blue 174 yds
Par 3White 165 yds
Handicap 16Red 118 yds
Yellow 107 yds
stadium golf course hole 15

Our elevated par three gives you a challenging tee shot hitting over water (from the blues, and occasionally the white tees are placed there). The pond is below the tee box and either side of the green is protected by pines. Check the wind and the yardage before you select your club. Even if you’re playing the white tees, you may want to hit from the blues to play over the water!

Hole 16Blue 513 yds
Par 5White 464 yds
Handicap 14Red 440 yds
Yellow 367 yds
stadium golf course hole 16

One of the favorite holes at Stadium! This big bender to the left tempts the golfer that can hit the long ball. Teeing off over the trees will save you yardage and drastically increase your chances for getting the birdie on this par 5. “No guts no glory” is often heard, cause if you don’t clear the trees, you probably will not find your tee shot in the deep woods. For those golfers playing “smart golf” and hitting straight off the tree, try to stay near the two small pines on the left edge of the fairway, check your yardage as a long drive may put you across the fairway into another wooded area.

Hole 17Blue 366 yds
Par 4White 346 yds
Handicap 8Red 298 yds
Yellow 212 yds
stadium golf course hole 17

If you’re a righty with a bit of a slice, you’re gonna love this hole! Off the tee the fairway bends to the right — watch out as the woods are thick so you don’t want to head in too deep. Likewise, a long straight drive could roll up to the 150 marker and get you in trouble in the wooded area straight out. Consider club choice carefully! The approach to the green can be a bit tricky as the front of the green has quite a bit of slope to it — green is oversized so you should have room to land your approach and then move on to the putting challenge. Once again, take a look around as you enjoy this hole as the hawks have been known to enjoy the view from these pines and sometimes will even stand on the edge of the fairway!

Hole 18Blue 505 yds
Par 5White 491 yds
Handicap 18Red 468 yds
Yellow 367 yds
stadium golf course hole 18

This final hole runs alongside the ninth fairway and ends near the old right field area of the old Schenectady Stadium (home of the Blue Jays).This par five bends slightly to the left off the tee and is also lined with pine trees on both sides. Break out the driver for a good start on getting home and possibly even getting a birdie on the last hole as this is the 18th handicap hole. Take care if this is your first time playing Stadium when lining up your approach to the 18th green as the 9th green is immediately to the right! Next up is the 19th hole! After dropping off your carts, stop into Stadium’s clubhouse for one of the daily food specials and/or your favorite beverage!

Hole Back NineBlue 3291 yds
Par 36White 3110 yds
Handicap Red 2810 yds
Yellow 2248 yds
Hole TotalBlue 6316 yds
Par 71White 5959 yds
Handicap Red 5423 yds
Yellow 4309 yds