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Prices reflect 2018 Rates

Monday $46.00 pp
Tuesday $46.00 pp
Wednesday $46.00 pp
Thursday $46.00 pp

Friday     46.00 pp

$48.00 pp
Sunday $48.00 pp

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*Click packages for details

Package # 1- Continental Breakfast $5 pp
Package #2- Burgers and Dogs $7.50 pp
Package #3- Boxed Lunch $7.50 pp

Blue Jay Breakfast $13 pp
Stadium Picnic $13 pp
Deli Buffet $13 pp

Luncheon Buffet $17 pp
Hot Luncheon Buffet $18 pp
Deluxe Italian Buffet $21 pp

Shotgun style tournament have additional requirements and costs.
Please if interested in upgrading to a Shotgun style tournament


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